Aviking means exploring and we want you to come exploring with us. We offer consulting services tailored issued to your organization’s struggles. One step at a time, one hoof before the other, we will engage your workforce with interactive seminars that get each member of your team involved in solving problems they see happening in your workplace.  By working on their communication skills, getting them to view problems as challenges, collaborating with team mates to resolve issues, harnessing their will power energy to work for the company (not against it), we will get your players thinking outside the box.  We will even analyze your work environment to pinpoint what your physical work areas are translating, energy-wise, to your workforce and your clients/customers.

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While these webinars allow us to connect with your group no matter where they are physically in the world, we encourage you to also consider booking a weekend with us, here in western Newfoundland’s Goose Pond Forest.  Just 8km from the Town of Trout River, the forest becomes the backdrop for six variations of LARP learning and gameplay from 10 in the morning until 6pm at night.  Mountains, rivers, wildlife, trails….roles that cast workers as characters from Viking mythology seem more believable in this natural setting where modern society and its physical trappings are nowhere to be seen.


Our theory is that putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is easier by physically role playing.  Using the premise of LARP (live action role play) we can tap into the creative side of your team through competitive game play.  By working with and against one another, they will begin to see strengths and weaknesses not just in themselves, but others, from the standpoint of winning or losing.  Plus, its a lot of fun.

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If you have key issues that you’d like addressed, they can be incorporated into any of the six themes of gameplay that we offer.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the positive social media boosts like hashtagging about physical fitness, getting out in the great outdoors, incorporating history into workplace dilemmas, fostering your teams inner star qualities and so forth.  Not sure all your key players will want to participate?

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You may be surprised by how eager your team is to embark on an adventure where they can leave themselves behind and become a character in a grand game.  It is advisable to let them choose their character types for themselves.  They will also have a wide selection of costumes, accessories, weapons, spells, abilities and so forth to choose from.  Some of your shyest customer service reps might be the most potent gamers.  Instead of dismissing their passion for video games, as a boss, you will now appreciate the mind behind the controller.

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Not sure how your role as organization leader, manager, supervisor, boss will translate into this whole role playing conference?  Well, with all six themes, you aren’t automatically the boss to begin with.  Becoming leader of any faction will require combat, intelligence in motion, challenges, networking, making allies of enemies….in other words its not as easy as pie.  And this is good, because you will become “one” of them and not separate from them.  Your skills and ideas will become more appreciated, more easily understood, valued.  In turn, you will get a chance to see who the other natural leaders on your team really are.  They might not be whom you suspected.

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Book now for your weekend conference of gameplay in the majestic Newfoundland wilderness. The two nearest communities to Goose Pond Forest are Trout River and Woody Point.  Both have service stations and accommodations in their quaint coastal communities. Deer Lake (Airport, Grocery Stores, Tim Horton’s, Holiday Inn, Deer Lake Motel) is an hour and half away from game play.  Let us know your accomodations needs, number of players, transportation requirements and expectations.  Games begin at 10am and finish at 6pm on Saturday and Sunday from April 1st until December 1st.  Optional photography packages are available to capture those who wish to be remembered in character.

Or choose our interactive online webinar seminars that allow us to analyze the dynamics of your team.  This is available anytime of year.   Our analysis will be prepared once all participants have finished their own segments of the seminar. We will engage with workers on an individual basis, on their own chosen timeframes, but under a given time range that is dictated by the business owner, team leader, manager or CEO.  Respect will be given to the confidentiality and trust of both organization and individuals taking part in the program. You can even sign your group up for our free Aviking By Hoof Character Development Series, which will get them on track for when (if) you partake in actual Live Action Role Play with us.

Contact a member of our Aviking Team today and discuss what options are best for your organization’s needs!

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